Get to know us

Alfa Quality Foods is a trading company created in 2013 with the purpose of placing and promoting selected food products in the market of Greece and abroad.

It represents the best brands and products, investing in its people and providing them with full training and the right means to be able to achieve excellent results. This way, it covers a wide range of existing needs in the market.


Our Goal

Focusing on people and constantly searching for effective solutions to meet modern nutritional needs, our goal is to represent high quality and safe, added-value products and to responsibly support professionals and domestic consumers.

Vision & Mission

Our vision at Alfa Quality Foods is to maintain and strengthen the characteristics that makeup our corporate impact on society and the economy, laying the foundations for a better and more sustainable future.

Our mission is to continue investing in quality, innovation, and entrepreneurship, while achieving the absolute in price competitiveness for the benefit of all our customers.


Corporate social responsibility

In a society that is constantly evolving, none of us can remain apathetic. We all share the same responsibility towards society and the environment. Our company operates in a continuously changing environment and is confronted daily with several challenges concerning its efficiency and presence as an integral part of the economic and social development.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is directly related to the concept of sustainable development. We own a modern car fleet with anti-pollution technology, while recycling on many levels is an everyday routine for our people. Our purpose is to contribute to a greener environment and a more sustainable society, based on the right standards.